Social Advance has two levels of membership: non-voting and voting.

Non-voting members join as a simple way of showing support for what we are doing. You may become a non-voting member by giving us contact information. We ask for your email address so we can let you know about meetings or other news from Social Advance. We ask for your address to map which political districts our members are in. We will not share your information or bombard you with emails and pleas for donations.

Voting members must be sponsored by two current voting members and pay annual dues of $12. (The first year’s dues are currently being waived for new members.) Voting members vote on nominees to the Board of Directors each year. They also vote on political endorsements, platform planks, and changes to the Social Advance Constitution.

The Annual Membership meeting is held each spring, and a second meeting is generally held in the fall. At these meetings the Board of Directors reports to the membership on recent and current activities and answers members’ questions.

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