Video: What Is Social Advance?

Social Advance is a trans-partisan electoral coalition created to pursue the goals of citizen empowerment, an inclusive economy, responsive democracy, and universal respect. We serve as a forum for members to share information and ideas, lays plans together, create a policy platform, and endorse candidates and ballot measures.

As an organization we do not support candidates for public office directly. Instead we seek to better equip our members as individuals (as well as the general public) to choose which political campaigns to support and to work together in supporting them.

Social Advance will also sponsor research, education and training activities in line with our goals. We may also co-ordinate lobbying campaigns for pertinent issues and policy proposals.

Some History

Social Advance was initiated in 2017 by Alan Zundel when he put up a website with some thoughts about creating a trans-partisan electoral coalition. He and Kris McAlister refined the four goals and in October of 2018 a small group of founding members adopted a Constitution. Social Advance is incorporated in the state of Oregon and operates as a non-profit (501c4) corporation.

Our first project was a weekly online video to present political information and ideas to interested viewers. Oregon News & Views began in January 2019 and we added video interviews with candidates for public office later that year.

In the spring of 2020 we did a trial run of mail-in ballots for candidate endorsements in the Oregon primaries. In the fall we plan to do endorsements for the general election. We intend this to be a regular practice each election year.

Local chapters of Social Advance may be created as our membership grows.


Social Advance has two levels of membership: non-voting and voting. Non-voting members join as a simple way of showing support for what we are doing. If you agree with our goals you may join as a non-voting member by providing us with contact information. Non-voting members are allowed to participate in various discussion forums and membership meetings. Voting members can vote on political endorsements, policy platform items, candidates for the Board of Directors, and amendments to the Social Advance Constitution. There are modest annual membership dues for voting members. (The first year’s dues are currently being waived for new members.)

Social Advance holds an annual membership meeting in March and an additional membership meeting in the fall. Attendance is encouraged but not required. Nominees for the Board of Directors and proposals for amending the Social Advance Constitution are decided on at the March meeting. These are forwarded to the entire voting membership about a month later for a final vote.

Proposals for platform items or for political endorsements can be made at either meeting. These proposals are forwarded to the entire voting membership about a month later for a final vote.

The Board of Directors sets policy, subject to the Social Advance Constitution. Board members are elected annually for staggered two-year terms by voting members. The current Board consists of:

Randy Prince, President

Charles Dunaway, Secretary

Alan Zundel, Treasurer and Executive Director

For more information email us at RealSocialAdvance@gmail.com


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